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Tiggy and seven pups


Do you find it difficult to differentiate your litter of identical pups? Then try PUP-ID.


Available in a wide variety of colours and patterns, these collars are the perfect way to identify young puppies within minutes of their birth - no more Tippex, no more wool, no more painting toe nails.


Providing safe & colourful identification PUP-ID collars:


Adjust to grow with the pups and are designed with no ‘d-ring’ to get caught on
Help prospective owners immediately identify their chosen pup
Are machine washable and come in a variety of colours and patterns
Can be re-used from one litter to the next


A favourite with breeders of all breed types, the pups can wear their collars within minutes of their birth to when they leave for their new homes.



Pedigree Puppies

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